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The Youngs of Port Elizabeth – Walkway

The Hayward Young Centennial Walkway was designed by the architect Rod Phillip of Stauch Vorster and erected in 2004.

The walkway commences from the eastern side of Gladstone Street, where limited parking is available, and winds its way down towards a viewsite overlooking the valley and down towards the Bay. Three large blocks of sandstone  – one of which is pictured – marked the end of the walkway until they disappeared mysteriously in 2013.

The walkway was conceived as a timeline running for more than a hundred years from Hayward Young’s formation in 1903 until the present.

Each historical event is accompanied by a short extract from poems (in one case from a play) by South African poets, the exception being Rudyard Kipling.

The walkway is expected to give the enquiring tourist, standing in the centre of Port Elizabeth where much of its history lies within no more than a kilometre or two, the opportunity to gain some extra insight into our troubled, but interesting, past.

Perhaps history teachers might also find ways of using the walkway to give life to the history textbooks.

Others will find it a tranquil place for a short walk or even a picnic.